Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dear Readers...

Dear Readers,

It has been some time since I have made a proper post. Please forgive me. There are many things under construction in my life, including my blog which will soon be a website in itself! I am also happy to announce that my covers are in the process of being re-vamped with the prestigious and amazing photographer and graphic designer, KKeeton Designs. I have to take a moment to thank Kelsey, the photographer, and Rachel and Eric, for portraying Lyla and Everett. As hard as it was to depart myself from the original covers, as they hold great meaning to me, I am sure you will love them just as much.

In addition to that, I have been signed with a PR firm that handles book related accounts. I am proudly on board with Hype PR with the full backing from my publishing house, Heart Powered Publishing. They certainly know the book world like no other and I am confident, as is my publishing house, of their capabilities to get my books into more reader's hands.

Since I have last posted, I have went to TWO book events. It was beyond idyllic to say the least and I met people that I could only once dream of. I am still convinced I am floating away on a cloud of a dream, basking in someone else's shine. I will post pictures below of both the Rogers, Arkansas Indie Mash Up as well as the Houston, Texas Indie Mash Up.

Last, but certainly not least, I released my fifth book of the Sorrow Series. Trials of the Mutilated Beauty went live on Amazon, and Nook to follow, on September 2nd. I am elated at the support I have from family, friends, Hype PR, my street team, and readers everywhere. I write stories that I am passionate about. They stay with me forever and I hope to make a lasting imprint in your hearts as well. Lyla is one-of-a-kind in my book, and her story deserves to be told. In Trials, my readers gain a crucial look into her college years. They see where she gains her independence and at times (which I love) she is snarky! People have asked me why I chose to place it in the order I did with it being in her college years. That is an EXCELLENT question. If you read the prologue and epilogue, that will answer your questions fully. I hope that you fall in lust with Professor Blaine Miller just as much as my betas did!

Without further mention, here are some lovely pictures from my new adventures from my book events!

With love and eternal respect from my humble heart always,

Me and Kennedy Kelly, my table buddy at the Houston event. She is beyond amazing!
Houston, Texas

Me and Silvano Williams, author of Spoon-fed Addiction, an INCREDIBLE read!
Houston, Texas

Me and Sarah Elizabeth, one of the author's who wrote Dusty Innocents. We both share a liking for writing by hand, tattoos, and creating stories that are completely fucked up. Did I mention we are both Midwestern gals? Love her!
Houston, Texas

Me and Eric Madden, my cover model. He will be gracing several of my covers this fall as Mr. Everett Brown. He is such a great gent!
Houston, Texas

Me and Christine Stanley, owner of Hype PR. She is awesome and she worked her ass off at the Houston event (well, at Rogers as well!) I'm so honored and excited to be on the Hype team!!!
Houston, Texas

Me and S.E. Hall, bestselling author of the Evolve Series, Conspire, Pretty Instinct, and so much more. This woman is fantastic and a firecracker. She gave me some career-changing advice and is real and humble. I will forever remember and thank her for that!
Rogers, Arkansas

Hilary Storm, international bestselling author of the Rebel Walking Series, me, and her cover model, Jake! Rogers, Arkansas

Me and Shayne, aka the 6 million word gal! 
Rogers, Arkansas

Me and Rachel, my cover model for Lyla
Rogers, Arkansas

Getting ready for my first huge author event!
Rogers, Arkansas

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