Sunday, July 5, 2015

Dark Duo Update

The Goodbye Man (Red Market Book 1)

Dysfunctional empires were made to fall.

I am Caesar. Broken and conflicted. I am a man who gives false goodness to those who crave it. I provide solace to the ones who beg to be saved, giving them the goodbyes they want. But, my quiet little world is about to be shattered by the whispers from heaven and hell.

I am Mateo. Unlovable and unworthy. I am the boy everyone runs from. I keep love close to me in little jars of perfection, reminding me of a thousand goodbyes I never had to say, because I left them before they could leave me.

I am Svetlana. Dirty and Used. Birthed into brutality while still trying to comprehend my version of normal. I am an injured lamb, eaten by filthy wolves day after day. Just as salvation seems like it's within reach, a goodbye from this awful world is all that I wish for.

**Graphic content warning including detailed depiction of brutal, bloody acts. Physical and emotional abuse is also apparent throughout this book with graphic sex scenes, both consensual and non-sensual. Reader discretion is highly advised. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen or those who are easily offended by the above mentioned acts.**

About the Authors

Ashleigh and I share love for the darkness and writing stories in ways that our readers would never predict. We are fierce and stare fear in the face with this story. Writing with her was the easiest process. We completed this book in less than five weeks, and it is not a short story, around 100k words. It was incredible and I loved every second of it. This story is unique. It will scare you, offend you, and make you question everything you believe in. Ashleigh and I could not get everything into one book, so there will be another in the Red Market Series. We are extremely excited to share this dark, disturbing tale with you. If you have not read anything dark before, this novel is not for you. Even seasoned darkies will have difficulty with some parts of this book. It will be releasing on all platforms on August 7th. The official cover reveal is July 10th. Stay tuned for an amazing cover done by Kelsey Keeton with KKeeton Designs. 

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