Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I sit here and think of all the pain
What does this world with me in it have to gain?
I am still so young, so much life to be lived
Too much heartache, I cannot forgive
Those who tore away at my heart
And ripped my scarred soul apart
I cannot numb these feelings that consume my head
So I push the blade to my stomach and cut away instead
Will people begin to understand what has taken place?
Or will I continue to pretend to have a fake smile on my face?
People transfer their hatred and unhappiness onto me
When will it be noticed? When will others see?
I am such a damaged girl, I cannot live this way
Should I choose to leave, or can I suffer and stay?
It would be easier to give up this awful fight
I don’t see anything joyful within sight
I pray to God to give me a break
Creating me for this world had to be His mistake

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