Sunday, December 22, 2013

Cover Reveal, Secrets of a Broken Girl

I am super excited to release this cover. This is the only cover out of all five stories in the Sorrow Series that wasn't created by my dear friend and amazing artist, Khristian Seaton. The reasoning behind this is because I wrote the story so quickly (in two weeks) and she already has other projects that she is working on, not to mention a business to run. I am anxious to share this story and I want to release it soon, so I chose this cover myself. I would like to explain to you all the significance of this cover and why I chose it!

First, I know many of you judge a book by its cover (as do I!) One thing that I absolutely love about reading is forming my own thoughts and images in my mind about the characters, which is why with all of my covers you will not find real life photos. I don't mind real life ones at all! (Who can resist a hot man on a book cover? Not me!) It's just a personal decision that I made with this series.

I chose this illustration for many reasons. It is not a real life picture and there are so many things going on within the cover art. First, the girl depicted has similar features to Lyla, long black hair and a broken heart. She is holding a heart that is held together, definitely a symbol of the phase that her life is in within this tale. Furthermore, the face in the tree symbolizes the incubi that constantly plague her thoughts and consume her life. Lastly, the birds that are flying freely around her represent her want to be released from the steel cage of life, yearning for a new beginning. I fell in love with this piece of art and immediately knew it was what I wanted to choose for the cover for my prequel novella, Secrets of a Broken Girl.

I hope that you enjoy it! Please feel free to leave a comment below and tell me how you feel about this art piece. Lyla's story will be released soon, and I hope that you will have the chance to read it and get to know her from the very beginning of her troubles. I think that you will understand her a lot better. I am releasing this prequel prior to book two for various reasons (many you will discover after reading book two!) It helps connect the dots and give you a full picture of many of the characters, not just the leads, within the Sorrow Series!

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  1. This cover is perfect and bravo to you for creating it. I know you worked really hard on it and I'm proud of the cover you have made. Now is also the perfect time to tell you how absolutely overwhelmingly proud of you I am for never giving up on this story, no matter what obstacles you have faced, friends who were supposed to support you and favoured nonchalance and indifference instead, and the thoughts in the back of every writer's mind that make us wonder if we've done enough. You've done enough and more and I am so elated for you and proud of you and grateful to have been part of your journey.