Thursday, December 12, 2013


I wrote this since my prequel novella, Secrets of a Broken Girl will be released the end of next month. The feelings within this short piece are those that describe Lyla from the beginning of her heartwrenching journey. This poem is dedicated to all the Lylas out there. Never give up hope...


Here I am stuck in this steel cage

Imprisoned endlessly by someone else’s rage

I have been broken once, I am broken yet again

Will the pain cease? Will the aching end?

I am a bird that is grounded and cannot lift to fly

I continue to ask the same question, one simple word, why?

My world stopped turning that one fateful night

The blackness is victorious, I can no longer see the light

Living in my head is not an easy place to be

I want to dream peacefully, I want to be free

My heart is shattered to bits and beyond all repair

My soul is now consumed with nothing but despair

The ferocious patterns linger, the thoughts continue to race

I have disappointed many, I am nothing but a disgrace

I want to be free, I want to learn to fly

Belief is all I need, I’m pleading with myself to try

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