Sunday, May 4, 2014

Cover reveal, His Armored Heart #2.5 of the Sorrow Series

I am delighted to finally share this amazing cover with you all! Alas, here it is, the cover for Garrett's book. It is due to be released within the month with Imaginary Publishing Company. It will be available for Kindle, Nook, iBooks, and later in print as well. Below is the synopsis. This story is also dear to my heart. If there is a message that I can convey to my readers (which I try with every one of my works), it is to recognize that life is not always what it seems. Sometimes, though not easy or fair, there is more than one version of happily-ever-after.

I want to further explain that when I first decided to tell Lyla's story, I didn't plan on the additional novellas of the other characters, but they too had stories to tell. After all, everyone does, right? I hope that you love the cover just as much as I do. Patience is not a virtue that I possess, so waiting to share this has been hard! I want to take another moment to say a HUGE thank you to Faith at Imaginary Publishing for allowing me to have input into the covers as well as the reveal. Faith, you rock!

To my betas, I love you to the moon and back. You ladies give me faith, courage, inspiration, and most of all the strength to keep calm and carry on. Your enthusiasm and unwavering support and love for both me and my work is truly remarkable and something I am sure I don't deserve. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Dive into the life of another character in the tragic and heart-wrenching Sorrow Series.

Garrett Joseph Harper was not the man he once was. His life was altered years ago when his best friend and fellow Marine, Trent, was killed before him while serving in Afghanistan. Circumstances went from bad to worse when his baby sister, Lyla, was the victim of a grisly attack that nearly took her life.

When Lyla finally seems like she is on the bridge to recovering from the life that she once had with the help of her soon-to-be-husband, Everett, Garrett is sinking deeper into the abyss of darkness.

With the memories of all the gruesomeness that has plagued him he goes about life on autopilot spending his small town life working at the coal mines and drinking his paychecks away at Rigdon's holy place for gossip and trouble, King's Bar.

But Garrett's flame of life is lit once more by Brooklyn Lancaster, a woman who has had eyes for him for as long as she knew what love was. Will the connection Brooklyn has to Garrett's past prevent them from moving forward? Or will something more serious and permanent tear the two new-found lovers away just when both feel a sense of normalcy for the first time in years.

In this second novella of the Sorrow Series, you will have insight into another character's pain, sorrow, and yes, hope. Be prepared for many twists and turns. You know what they say... nothing is ever what it seems.

** Graphic content. Not suitable for readers under the age of eighteen. **

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