Saturday, April 12, 2014

Sorrow Series Update! New Release Coming Soon with Imaginary Publishing!!

Wow! It really has been some time since I have made a blog post and given my wonderful followers an update with what is going on. Well, first I want to take the opportunity to thank Imaginary Publishing for signing me on and believing in my series and the stories that I have told and continue to tell. It is truly a dream that I never thought would be within grasp. I am extremely grateful to Faith, CEO of Imaginary Publishing for her kind words, belief, and most of all... patience and understanding. All of this is so new to me. A year ago I would have never thought that I would be signed on with a traditional publishing house, but here I am, living and breathing it.

Faith, you are amazing! I look forward to working with you. You have been a great guide as well as a mentor to me and I cannot thank you enough. Your advice and encouragement is appreciative and I am so excited to meet in person! Excitement is an understatement for the book events planned in the upcoming months... Baltimore, Tampa, NYC? Wow! Totally incredible! To all the fellow authors at Imaginary, thank you for welcoming me with open arms. I am honored to be alongside some talented scribes!

To all of my followers, I am elated to let you all now that I have been working tirelessly on my third novel (title and release date to be released publicly). That, in addition to my other works being re-edited with Imaginary has taken up much of my time along with my children and job. But, I am trekking on just as always. The characters within the Sorrow Series have become my family and I am completely immersed with telling the story. They have much to say.

I want to do a quick shout out to my amazing editor JILLIAN :) at Imaginary Publishing. You polished up FOUR of my books in a short amount of time and did it fantastically. You are just remarkable. Thank you!

Finally!!!!!!!! my NEWEST book of the Sorrow Series, His Armored Heart, #2.5, release party and cover reveal is scheduled for April 18th! Until then, here is a mini teaser from my upcoming release! Check my Facebook page for details this week and give Imaginary Publishing a like on Facebook as well.

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